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“It works, I disc it under at the end of the season and it’s gone. I buy more every year and now will use on all plastic applications.”
- Drum's produce | Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

“I grow 20 acres of vegetables and I am using Bio360. Great product, I tried side by side with oxo degradable, and Bio360 has broken up much better at the end of the season. More expensive but worth the money.”
- Garden Spot Greenhouse | Portage, Michigan

“Bio360 is fantastic, we don’t have to pick it up at the end, it’s the biggest advantage. Because of the time we spend to pull up plastic is a nightmare.”

- Coverdale Farm Preserve | Greenville, Delaware

“We love Bio360 it does what it’s supposed to do on our sweet potatoes crops, nothing is left into the soil after the season is done.”
- Jim Live | Valley Best | Carlisle, Pennsylvania


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